Cycling, Riding

Someone thinks that the most beautiful bike paths are in our Mrkopalj area. It's ride through the woods, across the fields, along the lake, the mountains and through the villages towards the sea and back. But in Gorski Kotar, there are other, actually many marked bicycle paths that you can choose depending on the severity of the environment. For example, bike paths connect as many as 38 villages in the area of Brod Moravice. In Fužine there are nine marked trails that lead around the lake while Lokve have three marked bike paths. Ravna gora bicycle paths are somehow different because bikers can create their own trails without fear that they will get lost.


Riding is organized on a ranch Vrelo, located approximately 3.5 km from the center of Fužine. Vrelo organise the recreational riding and horse riding trips, as well as riding lessons.

In another willage, Tršće, there is equestrian club "Magušar" which offers the riding school and recreational trail riding. The club has a total of 14 horses of different breeds. - 2013 by SpinMedia