Fishing, Rafting, Rock Climbing

Gorski Kotar and its rivers, streams and lakes provide excellent opportunities to enjoy a series of so-called. watersports. Anglers will enjoy the unspoiled nature and utter peace along the rivers Čabranka, Dobra and Kupa, and many of their tributaries that by fish stock and the nature that surrounds them have not lagged behind for her "great little sisters." Fishing is also possible in lakes of Gorski Kotar. In Lokvarsko lake are caught some of the largest trouts in the world! Fužine is also extremely rich in water, so they built three artificial lakes rich with fish. Oldest Bajer, built in fifties, is great for boating, canoeing, kayaking, surfing and sailing, due the frequent and sometimes strong winds.


Lake Lepenica is the largest artificial lake in Fužine, and it held fishing and underwater orienteering competitions. Rafting is possible on river Kupa, especially when water levels are high, usually in the spring and fall after abundant rains.

There is also rock climbing in Devil's passage, and it is an adventure to remember. Steep cliff, crag everywhere and crystal clear mountain lakes remind us that we are part of something truly special. - 2013 by SpinMedia