Here are some of the most memorable hights in Gorski kotar - Bitoraj, Bjelolasica, Bijele and Samarske stijene, National park Risnjak... Bjelolasica is the highest mountain of Gorski Kotar, 1534 m, and from its peak is a beautiful sight, of course if you come during the nice weather. Risnjak is slightly lower, 1528 m, but it peak, Veliki Risnjak, offer one of the most beautiful views in Croatia. Once you get on the top of it you see Kvarner bay, parts of the Slovenian Alps, Bjelolasica, Velebit... Windy Bitoraj, as some people call mountaine Bitoraj for a strong wind that sometimes blows there, has a peak at 1385 m. Peak is rocky, but the rest of the mountain is covered with dense forests.

Bijele and Samarske stijene

Bijele i Samarske stijene perhaps are the last untouched part of nature on the old continent. Therefore, they are under the strictest protection regime. Due to the wild nature and inaccessible karst terrain they are difficult viable outside the designated routes.

But aside from the slopes of the mountains in Gorski Kotar, hikers will enjoy a tour of two canyons, Devil's passage and Kamačnik.

In the first case it is a beautiful resort with waterfall, Green vortex, which falls from 70 meter high cliffs, with a 800 meter canyon through which the stream breaks crib, and Muževu hižicu cave where, according to old saying, people lived in prehistoric times.

Kamačnik is the name of the river of great beauty, which is carved into the canyon of the same name.

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