Wild game watching

Our forests are full od wild life.
For example, Gorski Kotar is known for butterflies. There are some, quite rare, protected by the law. Kupa valley has a nick name - valley of butterflies. Forests are home to many birds, as well as magnificent hawk, eagles on the higher altitudes, and grouse, a bird that almost extinct. The ancient inhabitants of the forests are black bears. Contrary to the belief of meny they are peaceful animals. They carefully chose the time to come out of the forest, they do not want to encounter humans. They are very much aware who is the greatest predator in the woods.


In the forests live wolves and wild cats too, but due to smaller number they are ander protection.

However, the largest number od animals in surrounding forests are deer and foxes. They will with pleasure and without binoculars, be viewed from the our terrace, too. - 2013 by SpinMedia